Bus Accident Procedures

No one wants or expects to be in a bus accident. However, if you are in a collision, what you do afterward can significantly impact your claim and the rest of your life.

Greyhound bus lines have changed policies and driver training over the years to reduce bus accidents. Even with these efforts, Greyhound bus accidents happen in Las Vegas and elsewhere. Bus drivers have accident procedures to adhere to established by Greyhound.

It is crucial that you speak to our Greyhound bus accident lawyer at Cloward Trial Lawyers about your legal options following a Las Vegas crash.

What Does Greyhound expect Drivers To Do?

Greyhound has accident procedures in place for drivers. Their desired outcome is for drivers to find a safe place to pull over and park. They should then secure the motorcoach and use emergency warning devices. Drivers should inform the passengers about the situation and evacuate them if necessary. If evacuation is required, the driver is responsible for keeping customers off the road and ensuring they exit the vehicle safely. They should call for assistance and not abandon the bus.

When passengers sustain injuries, the driver will take additional action. They will provide assistance until medical attention arrives. If other vehicles are involved, the Greyhound driver is also responsible for obtaining the names, ID numbers, and addresses of occupants in the other car and from the bus. They should also get this information from witnesses. They will also provide loading slips to the Greyhound customers.

Drivers are allowed to cooperate with police who respond to the scene. They should refrain from admitting fault or liability or sign documentation until Greyhound gets involved. When possible, the driver should contact the Fleet Desk and report the accident so they can make arrangements. Lastly, the driver must complete an accident report and submit the loading list within 24 hours to their Greyhound supervisor.

What Happens After Collisions?

Bus drivers receive training and are aware of the procedures they should take after a Greyhound accident. However, the real world is very different from a handbook. Sometimes, the driver suffers injuries and cannot complete any of the steps the company desires. Other times they are in shock and can become overwhelmed by everything. What our bus accident attorneys often see happen is bus drivers cause accidents in Las Vegas, the passengers must handle the situation, and nothing is reported until the police arrive.

When bus drivers are negligent, it can lead to chaos and confusion for the passengers. It also means the police have more work on their hands. When police arrive, they will take over the preliminary investigation and documentation of passenger, witness, and driver information. They will also administer aid until medical professionals arrive. When it is a bus driver’s first accident, they can forget the rule book and give statements to the police or fill out documents incorrectly.

Whatever the bus driver does after the collision will affect your bus accident claim. Our Greyhound bus accident lawyers will review the driver’s actions and look for evidence to help you pursue compensation.

The driver rule book

Greyhound takes things a step further by having policies that address driver actions after a crash and provides potential disciplinary measures if they do not adhere to these policies. While there are several rules for drivers, one that stands out is the information drivers are allowed to give. Greyhound drivers cannot provide any information other than their driver’s license information and bus registration. This policy also disallows drivers from making statements to anyone other than the Department of Transportation investigators or police. Any statements drivers make must be discussed with a Greyhound supervisor first.

Drivers have these policies so they do not say the wrong thing and hurt their defense. If the bus company is working to protect its drivers from liability, you should also project yourself. You can fight back by getting help from an attorney.

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It is a confusing situation to be in a Greyhound bus accident. Company policies protect the drivers and Greyhound. Accident victims should have someone fighting for them as well. Cloward Trial Lawyers understands the complexities of these cases and is here to help victims in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. Speak to our Greyhound bus accident lawyer by calling (702) 602-8266 or using our contact form.

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