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Greyhound has become synonymous with bus transportation. The company has been providing bus services for 106 years. It employs thousands of drivers and buses. The company operates in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Annually the company transports 15 million passengers. With so many drivers, passengers, and routes to consider, there is a high possibility for bus accidents to happen. Discuss your crash with a Las Vegas Greyhound bus accident lawyer from Cloward Trial Lawyers.

Factors that contribute to fatigue

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulations for bus driver rest periods and driving schedules. One of those regulations is that drivers have a three-day duty limit. Additionally, they have a 15-hours duty limit with 10-hour driving limits. For the 15-hour limits, drivers cannot drive commercial vehicles after being on duty for 15 hours after the eighth consecutive hour off. However, they can drive ten hours after eight consecutive hours off. If these regulations are not met, a Greyhound bus accident lawyer can use that as evidence during a claim.

In general, several factors can contribute to fatigued drivers. Some factors to consider for Greyhound drivers include:

  • Sleep loss due to work schedules
  • Long, continuous hours of being awake
  • Sleep disorders
  • Using drugs or medications that disrupt regular sleep schedules
  • Alcohol use

Driving while tired can lead to grave consequences for the driver, passengers, and other motorists. Fatigued driving is everyone’s problem. Cloward Trial Lawyers can help victims in fatigued Greyhound bus accidents pursue compensation.

Basics of fatigue management

Before finding ways to manage fatigue, it is vital to understand the basics of fatigue. By definition, fatigue is a significant decrease in alertness. It also has an increase in sleepiness and lower energy. Some of the factors that can lead to fatigue include:

  • The environment
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Over-the-counter medications

Next, it is essential to look for the signs of fatigue. Sometimes daily responsibilities can cause people to overlook signs that something is wrong. This denial can lead to life-altering consequences for a tired driver and others around them. Some signs of fatigue include:

  • Red eyes
  • Poor judgment
  • Slowed reaction times
  • Nodding off
  • Drowsiness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Irritability
  • Poor communication
  • Heavy eyelids
  • Concentration problems
  • Squirming and fidgeting

Fatigue can present different signs in different people since it affects everyone uniquely. The best thing the average person can do to combat fatigue is to take a nap or activity break. Ideally, a nap should last about 45 minutes.

Staying in one position for too long can lead to fatigue. Getting up and moving around can increase your alertness. When drivers suffer from fatigue, it can impact their reaction times, potentially causing a collision. Speak to our Greyhound bus accident attorneys in Las Vegas after an accident involving a fatigued driver.

Education and training

Greyhound Lines is working to address driver fatigue. Many Greyhound bus accidents involve driver error or fatigue. Because of this, the company wants to address some of these issues to reduce the likelihood of bus accidents. However, their efforts will not exempt them from insurance claims or lawsuits when an accident occurs. The first area they focus on to manage fatigue is education and training.

New drivers will attend a two-week training school with 40 hours of classroom instruction. The class will also get fatigue management training. All drivers will get fatigue management training every two years of employment. If a Greyhound driver is involved in a collision, they will also obtain a refresher on fatigue training.

Work Cycles

Greyhound buses will have many routes to handle. That means they should be meticulous in their scheduling. To manage fatigue, Greyhound implements a structure to hit all these routes and attempt to prevent driver fatigue. One aspect is to have a schedule where drivers operate similar hours daily. Drivers should get two days off weekly.

If a driver feels fatigued, they can call dispatch for instructions. When drivers report fatigue to dispatch, they are given twelve hours off. After they are booked off, they can let dispatch know they have gotten enough sleep and can return to work. Irregular or extra drivers do not have set schedules but will get eleven hours off between each assignment.

Policy and procedures

Greyhound is also managing fatigue by changing their policies and working with supervisors. First, supervisors will receive training on identifying substance abuse and fatigue in drivers. They will also conduct random checks at terminals. Many Greyhound motor coaches are using DriveCam. Using this technology, they can conduct weekly monitoring of driver behavior. If a supervisor finds any issues when reviewing DriveCam footage, they can send drivers for a medical exam.

DriveCam footage is also helpful during an accident claim. The footage can show the driver’s actions or behaviors before, during, and after a collision. Our Las Vegas Greyhound bus accident lawyer will request and review this footage to find evidence for your claim. Speak to Cloward Trial Lawyers to discuss how Greyhound policies and procedures will impact your case.


Health and well-being can significantly impact a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. Greyhound drivers will be screened for sleep disorders when they undergo medical examinations. One of the disorders that are screened for is sleep apnea. If a driver is diagnosed with any sleep disorders, they will receive medical cards with specific time limits. The first card is for 30 days with monitoring. Drivers can then obtain a 90-day and one-year medical card. Drivers will also have the option to participate in Biometric Screening. This program is voluntary.

Work with a Las Vegas Greyhound bus accident attorney today

Greyhound is making efforts to manage fatigue among their drivers. They have even implemented driver dorms in major cities so drivers can get rest between shifts. However, drivers can still become fatigued and get on the road. The high propensity for collisions is still an area of concern, and Greyhound and their drivers may be responsible for accidents. Holding negligent parties legally liable is complicated. You should work with our Las Vegas Greyhound bus accident attorney for legal options. Call the office of Cloward Trial Lawyers at (702) 602-8266 to schedule an initial consultation.

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