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Why Should I Choose Cloward Trial Lawyers for My Las Vegas Casino Accident Lawyer?

Casino accident victims may hire a lawyer because they can’t represent themselves. Often, injuries and mental health struggles prevent an injured person from leading their own claim or lawsuit.

Even if you feel healthy enough to lead your own claim, you may prefer having a lawyer lead your case. Clients trust Cloward Trial Lawyers with their cases because:

  • We will not back down from a liable casino: Many casinos in Las Vegas are immensely profitable. They maintain lawyers to fight against civil claims like yours. If you do not put forth a strong legal case, the casino could succeed in fighting your claim. This is one reason casino accident victims rely on the proven attorneys at Clward Trial Lawyers.
  • We provide top-tier client service: Our former clients praise the Cloward Trial Lawyers team for its commitment to clients. We are attentive to client’s needs, give frequent case updates, and respect any requests you make of us. While case outcomes are never guaranteed, our top-tier client service is.
  • We have relevant experience: As a law firm that primarily serves clients in Las Vegas, we’re familiar with casino accident cases. Being in Vegas, this is a frequent case type. This experience could prove valuable as we fight for the money you deserve.

You should choose your law firm wisely. Cloward Trial Lawyers will reward your trust in us by fighting for the entire settlement you deserve.

What People Are Saying About Us

We have over Multiple Five Star Reviews from happy clients on Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Our Case Results Prove Our Attorneys’ Effectiveness in Negotiating Rooms and at Trial

Our case results are another reason to hire a Las Vegas casino accident lawyer from Cloward Trial Lawyers. We have recovered more than $200 million in total for our clients. Some of our most substantial case results include recoveries of:

  • $38.6 million
  • $27.5 million
  • $21.05 million
  • $20 million
  • $15 million
  • $12.9 million
  • $12 million
  • $10 million
  • $8 million

The list continues. We do not guarantee results, but we promise to fight for the entire financial recovery you deserve. With a success rate greater than 99%, our firm aims to get the job done for you.

We Receive No Upfront or Out-of-Pocket Compensation from You—We Only Get a Free If We Win

Anyone can afford to hire Cloward Trial Lawyers. We use contingency fees, which means:

  • You pay us nothing when you hire our firm
  • We pay for experts, filing fees, and other case-related costs
  • We receive a percentage of any settlement or verdict we get for you
  • We only get a fee if we win your case

You face no financial risk when you hire Cloward Trial Lawyers. If we win your case, you will get compensation for your losses. If we don’t win, you owe us nothing.

This client-friendly fee structure ensures that we can see justice for every Las Vegas casino accident victim, no matter their financial status.

We may face a legal deadline for filing your case. NRS § 11.190(4)(e) generally requires that we file a personal injury case within a fixed period of time. Your casino accident lawyer will want to file your case in Las Vegas as soon as possible, so don’t wait to contact our team.

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Why Cloward Trial Lawyers Is Different

Fighting for injury victims and their families.


Award Winning

The experienced team at Cloward Trial Lawyers has an impressive track record and has earned an unparalleled reputation in the legal community for its extensive expertise and exceptional client service.


No Fee Unless
We Win Your Case

You won’t have to pay large attorney’s fees unless you win your case. We believe our clients should receive the best representation without having to worry about a costly and stressful fee structure.


Track Record of
Successful cases

We consistently strive for the best outcomes for all of our clients and our track record of successful rates speaks for itself: 99% of victories achieved in personal injury cases.


Dedicated to
Our Clients

We are devoted to guiding our clients through with the highest level of care, so they can feel secure knowing we will be by their side throughout the entire process.

Injured in a Casino Accident in Las Vegas? Give Us A Call!

Common Accidents in Casinos and Hotels

Casinos vary in size and layout but share several common hazards. Injuries and deaths can arise from:

  • Slippery floors
  • Clutter in walkways
  • Uneven or broken stairways
  • Unstable or sharp gaming chairs
  • Lack of adequate security
  • Lack of handrails, ramps, and other safety equipment
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Falling items
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals in a casino
  • Collapsing platforms

Our firm sees a wide number of casino accident cases. This includes trip and fall and slip and fall accidents, assaults allowed by negligent security, injuries resulting from defective infrastructure, and other casino accident types.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries or lost their life due to dangerous conditions in a casino, Cloward Trial Lawyers want to hear from you.

Injuries from Casino Accidents

The above accidents can result in many types of injuries. Some common casino-related injuries are:

  • Concussions
  • Fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Illness
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Injuries from assaults, including knife or gunshot wounds

Recoverable Damages That May Result from a Casino Accident in Las Vegas

The types of damages you suffer, and the cost of those damages, may depend on:

  • The specific events that caused your injuries
  • The types of injuries you’ve suffered
  • The severity of injuries and injury symptoms
  • The specific damages that your injuries cause

Our firm will complete a comprehensive investigation of your damages, which may include:

  • Pain and suffering: Injuries can cause intense pain and suffering. A casino accident victim may have physical pain, psychological distress, emotional anguish, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other problems qualifying as pain and suffering.
  • Healthcare costs: Injuries from a casino accident may require emergency transportation, emergency treatment, surgery, hospitalization, imaging services, and other medical services. Our team will determine the cost of all your accident-related medical care. A casino or another liable party should cover these bills.
  • Mental health treatment costs: If you need therapy, medications, or other treatment for pain and suffering you’ve suffered because of your casino accident, our team will include the cost of mental health services in your case.
  • Professional damages: A casino accident may result in lost income, missed bonuses, lost promotion opportunities, diminished earning power, and other professional damages. Some of our clients cannot work again following a casino accident,
  • Property expenses: If your personal property suffered damage because of your casino accident, we’ll seek money for the repair or replacement of the damaged property.

Some casino accidents are, tragically, fatal. If your loved one passed away or passes away because of injuries they suffered in a casino accident, recoverable damages may include:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Your deceased loved one’s pain and suffering
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of a partner’s companionship
  • Loss of a parent’s guidance
  • Loss of the decedent’s future income

Every casino accident demands justice. The American Bar Association (ABA) explains that people or institutions can be liable when they fail to take “reasonable” measures to prevent harm to others. If casino leadership fails in this duty of care, it may owe you compensation for your damages.

How Cloward Trial Lawyers Can Help After a Las Vegas Casino Accident

Cloward Trial Attorneys have successfully represented many victims of casinos’ negligence. We understand how these cases often unfold, and we’ll take all necessary steps to resolve your claim or lawsuit.

We generally complete casino accident cases in Las Vegas by:

Gathering All Relevant Evidence from the Casino Accident

We will obtain any evidence that shows how or why your casino accident happened. Such evidence may include the following:

  • Video footage of your casino accident
  • Photographs of dangerous conditions that led to your casino accident
  • Witness accounts of your accident or of the dangerous conditions that led to your accident
  • Expert testimony about the casino’s liability for your accident
  • An expert’s reconstruction of your accident

We may find additional evidence to support your case.

Identifying Liable Parties

While a casino may be the most likely defendant in a casino accident case, we will not make any assumptions about liability. We will gather all relevant evidence to determine who owes you compensation for your damages.

Documenting and Calculating the Client’s Damages

We will calculate exactly how much your damages have cost you. Your attorney will also calculate a fair monetary figure for any ongoing damages you are experiencing.

We’ll also document your damages using:

  • X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and any other images of your injuries
  • Photographs of injuries
  • Medical records and bills
  • Expert testimony about your pain and suffering
  • Past income statements

The attorneys at Cloward Trial Lawyers seek out every available form of documentation. We want to maintain the strongest possible position during settlement talks, so we do our due diligence when building your case.


Las Vegas top rated attorneys

Personal Injury Law Firm

Engaging in Settlement Negotiations

Our experienced lawyers will negotiate your settlement for you. We do not settle for anything less than our clients deserve. We will lay out a comprehensive case, including the evidence of negligence and documentation of damages.

Our team will make it clear that a trial is an option. If liable parties are still unwilling to pay you fairly, we will head to court.

Going to Trial When Necessary

As trial attorneys, the courtroom is familiar territory to our lawyers. If a trial is the best option for you, we will take your case to trial in Las Vegas.


Contact An Experienced Casino Accident Lawyer Near You

Casinos are arguably the most popular destination for both visitors and locals in Las Vegas. Even those who are not particularly interested in gambling often visit casinos on the Strip to watch shows, dine in upscale restaurants, and socialize with others.

Casino owners – just like other business owners – have a duty to ensure that they carefully and safely maintain their premises at all times. If a Las Vegas tourist or local suffers an injury while on casino premises, the casino owner or their insurance company may have to pay the accident victim monetary compensation in the form of damages.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries in a recent casino accident that resulted from negligence, the skilled Las Vegas casino accident attorneys at Cloward Trial Lawyers are here to help. We can thoroughly evaluate your claim and assist you with every step of the process, helping you recover the monetary damages you deserve for your injuries.

Answers to your most commonly asked questions

If you were the victim of an injury in a casino in Las Vegas, NV you might have many questions. Our skilled lawyers understand what you’ve been through and are here to help, one question at a time.

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If you or a person you love suffered injuries in a recent casino accident, our attorneys at Cloward Trial Lawyers can meet with you to discuss your accident and begin handling the legal components of your claim.

If property owners – including Las Vegas casino owners – do not take care of their premises, serious accidents may happen, and they are not just limited to slip-and-fall accidents. Other premises incidents can arise from pedestrian accidents near casino entrances, assaults that another casino patron commits, assaults by casino security guards, and accidents that occur in common areas of the casino or hotel.

The injuries that a patron suffers in a casino accident will depend upon various circumstances, including the type of incident that occurs and the amount of force involved. For example, in a slip-and-fall accident that occurs on casino premises, an accident victim might suffer a broken bone, soft tissue injury, traumatic head or brain injury, spinal cord injury, or paralysis injury.

Many of these injuries require same-day medical care at a hospital emergency room or urgent care facility, ongoing medical treatment and procedures (including one or more surgeries), and physical therapy, which you could get compensated from.

In almost all Nevada premises accident cases, the statute of limitations is two years from the accident date. Therefore, you have two years, beginning on the day of your accident, to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit that seeks monetary damages for your injuries.

If you file your lawsuit or claim belatedly, the courts will prevent you from recovering any compensation for your injuries. Therefore, it is best to involve a knowledgeable casino accident lawyer to represent you as quickly as possible.

At Cloward Trial Lawyers, we can file a timely lawsuit on your behalf – especially if the statute of limitations time clock is running short in your case. Moreover, we can assist you with every step of the settlement and litigation process and, if necessary, represent you in court at all legal proceedings.

Serious injuries in a casino accident can take a heavy toll on accident victims, both personally and financially. First, the injured accident victim may need to undergo painful and long-lasting medical treatment. Furthermore, medical bills may pile up quickly, and the accident victim may not be able to work for a long time due to their injuries.

If you are able to establish that the casino owner or supervisor was negligent in some way, you may be eligible to recover various types of monetary compensation. The ultimate recovery you receive in your personal injury claim or lawsuit will depend upon the severity of your injuries, the medical treatment that you underwent, the cost of your medical treatment, and the circumstances surrounding the incident that occurred on casino premises.

First, you may be eligible to recover your out-of-pocket costs, including compensation for all related medical expenses, and lost wages, if you had to miss time from work.

Additionally, you could make a claim for emotional anguish, pain and suffering, inconvenience, loss of the ability to use a body part (such as with a permanent spinal cord or paralysis injury), loss of earning capacity, loss of spousal companionship, and loss of life enjoyment.

Our firm operates under a contingency fee. This means you won’t be charged a single dollar until we win your casino accident case.

For a free legal consultation and case evaluation with a skilled attorney, please give us a call or contact us online to learn more.

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Benjamin P. Cloward became the youngest lawyer in the history of the State of Nevada to be awarded the prestigious “Trial Lawyer of the Year” by the Nevada Justice Association.

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Benjamin P. Cloward

Founding attorney

Ian Estrada moved to Las Vegas in 2011 to work for a prestigious, local defense firm where he represented national insurance companies in personal injury lawsuits.

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Ian Estrada

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Landon Littlefield spent several years working as a complex commercial litigation attorney before finding his passion in personal injury.

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Landon D. Littlefield

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Riley Clayton has successfully tried numerous personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance bad faith cases to verdict.

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Dillon Coil focuses on serving injured workers, police officers, firefighters, laborers, and their families.

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