Can You Hire an Attorney Outside The State Where The Bus Accident Occurred?

Bus accidents are common in places like Las Vegas, as many people visit the city on tour buses or use public transportation to avoid parking. This means that you might suffer injuries in a bus crash while you are visiting this popular destination. If you have injuries and losses from your accident, you can seek compensation from the liable parties, and you should have a bus accident attorney handling this process.

If you already returned home to another state after your trip, where should you hire your bus accident attorney? Should you hire a law firm in your hometown that you know and trust, or seek out legal help from someone in your state?

Are you allowed to hire a lawyer outside your state if the bus accident occurred in another?

Jurisdictional Issues

You might be in your home state, getting ongoing medical care from local doctors and settling back into your usual life with your injuries. It would be convenient if you could simply file a claim in a nearby court with help from a local attorney. Unfortunately, the law makes it more complicated than this.

Jurisdiction refers to a court’s authority to hear and rule on a case. When an accident happens, the court in that state and locality has the jurisdiction to hear the case. This means that if you are injured in a Las Vegas bus crash, any resulting lawsuits will need to be filed in a Nevada state court located in Las Vegas.

For an attorney to represent you in a Nevada state court, for example, they should be licensed to practice law in Nevada. The attorneys you know in your hometown likely do not have this license. The best move is to reach out to a bus accident law firm near you to handle your claim.

If you have a lawyer you really want to represent you in your home state, they might get special permission to handle a case in another state. While this permission is common, it doesn’t mean the attorney will be familiar with the laws and specific procedural rules of Nevada. If they do not regularly practice law in Nevada, they might not be the best choice for zealous representation.

Handling Bus Accident Claims in Las Vegas

The good news is that there are reputable law firms in the Las Vegas area that have experience representing bus accident victims. If you were injured while visiting Las Vegas, Cloward Trial Lawyers is ready to help. We regularly handle claims involving:

  • Public buses
  • Tour buses
  • Hotel shuttles
  • Greyhound buses
  • Other charter buses
  • Church buses
  • School buses

We can identify liable parties, file the necessary claim, calculate how much your case is worth, and handle the entire process for you.

Speak with Our Las Vegas Bus Accident Attorneys Today

After a Las Vegas bus accident, you want Cloward Trial Lawyers on your side, whether you are in or out of the state. Contact us for a free case evaluation to discuss your case.

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