What Happens if You Crash a Leased Car?

Any car accident is super stressful, but if you are in a rental or leased car, you might be even more anxious. Now instead of just four parties (you and your car insurance company + the other driver and his or her insurance company) being involved, your side of the accident will involve a third party. Furthermore, most drivers are not familiar with what to expect in this case. Anywhere from 25-35% of the cars on the road are leased. If you aren’t getting a reasonable payout from the insurer, reaching out to a Las Vegas car accident lawyer is a good idea.

After the Collision

Because the leased car is “yours,” the accident process will be very similar to a car you purchased. Generally speaking, you’ll file a police report, seek medical attention (if needed), notify your insurance company, get the car to a body shop, have it fixed, and then one of the insurance companies will pay for any covered damages.

Repaired With Factory-Authorized Parts

One difference with being in a leased car in an accident is that the car owner may require that the car be replaced with parts made by the auto manufacturer (no Auto Zone brand replacement parts, for example). These are called OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Essentially, the owner (dealership or automaker) will want everything on your Honda Passport to be made by Honda or whatever came in the Honda when it was rolled off the assembly line.

This means if you had the Eddie Bauer interior before the crash, you’d need to ensure the Eddie Bauer interior was installed by the body shop after the crash. This way, when you turn in the car after your lease period, it will be as similar to what you drove off the lot with as possible.

If Your Leased Car is a Total Loss

In this case, again, it is going to essentially be the same process as if you had purchased the vehicle and were financing it. The insurance company will pay out the current value of the vehicle (not necessarily what your balance on it is). Many of these terms may also be spelled out in your lease agreement as well. Be sure to ask when you lease the vehicle what the procedures are for these types of things.

What If You Return the Leased Vehicle Damaged

If your car is driveable and you prefer not to file an insurance claim or fix it, yes, you can technically turn it in at the end of your lease period with the damage. Your lease makes you responsible for any damage one way or the other, so there is no real advantage to doing this unless it’s just a small ding or scratch. Most leasing bodies (manufacturer or dealership) are not going to penalize you for a few scratches or dings after a three-year lease. That is pretty standard wear and tear.

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